Lake Powell Marine Center and Boat Storage, LLC – Owned by Marlin Gill Scam
Owned by Marlin Gill
Lake Powell Marine Center
415 Independence Street
Big Water, Utah 84741
P.O. Box 410234 Big Water, UT 84741-2234
(800) 374-3625 

Beware of this person (Marlin Gill) working out of Utah, servicing boats at Lake Powell.
We were at a boat launch with battery problems, and this Marlin Gill happen to be there.
He offered to change our batteries, and that was fine with us and after that we found out our starter was bad.
We did get our other engine running and moved our boat to our slip.
We hired him to change the starter, and that was when our nightmare began.
He tried to charge us for finding the starter to be bad, when that knowledge was already known.
Then we could not get the work done, and after that. it took 4 weeks before we could get him to support the fix.
He would not return calls or messages on his phone.

He shut off our batteries and the boat almost sank, since the auto bilge was now off.
He tried to blame us, turned out even when he said he turn the batteries back on, is did not work. It was fine before we had him work on it. Turn out he damaged it.
Once again, no calls, no messages till we started calling everyday.

4 weeks later, we were told the boat was running, only to fine now both engines now have issues, he left tools and a blanket on the boat,  which we had to drive to his shop to return.

We also discovered that our outdrives would not work, and after hours of trouble shooting by my wife and I, we found that this person did not re-connect the system to the batteries, after he changed them 4 weeks prior.

What was suppose to be about a $800.00 dollar bill, as quoted by Marlin Gill, I told him we are taking the boat back home, so out of spite, we got a $1800.00 dollar bill.  Lawyer time!

Do not trust this company and man with your boat, There are many better companies in Page, AZ and Utah that are reparable.

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